Sunday, May 11, 2014

One dog saved. How many others lost?

Hi, folks. Haggis Chihuahua here, guest blogging for my friend Stewie.

Ted Theewin, a friend of Beard Face Man, let him know about something that just happened out in Walnut Creek, east of Oakland, California. A California Highway Patrol Officer was driving down the Interstate when he saw a tiny Chihuahua on the roadway median, during rush hour, no less. The CHP officer stopped his car and managed to lure the dog close enough so that he was able to pick him up and save him from an otherwise inevitable smooshing.

According to the news article, a CHP officer said "he didn’t know how the dog ended up on the freeway ... (but) it’s likely that someone left the animal there."

Here's a picture of the rescue.

And here's a link to the video of the Chihuahua resting not so peacefully at the rescue shelter.

Kudos to that cop who put himself at risk to save a small animal. And if it's true that someone just put that dog out of the car on a busy expressway--I sincerely hope all their friends and relatives see this story plastered all over the news. I hope they recognize the dog. I hope they learn what their friend/relative is really like and I hope they then treat their friend/relative with the same level of kindness as he or she treated that dog.

I'm not much of a believer in karma, but if it could happen just this one time, I'd be most appreciative.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Visit to the Vet


That was just...that was...that--

How could they do me like that?


You wouldn't believe what...I mean, here I was up on a table, and she...she took this...this--


Look at this picture Angel took. Yeah, I know it's shakey. Get over it. She was scared out of her mind. Plus she doesn't have an opposable thumb. She did the best she could.


So right after Angel snapped the pic, this so-called vet reached into her pocket and...


...a needle. A giant +&##* needle!

 *#!!ing %@*##!!!

Took my blood. Took my freaking blood like some vampire chick! And that wasn't the worst of it. She...she...she...then she got out this, this long glass tube--a thermosomething, she called it. And then she...she shoved it...GAH, I can't even say it!

You're not supposed to shove stuff up there!

And while I was up on the table, poor Angel was waiting for her turn. Look at her. 

This is not a happy Chihuey. Poor baby was terrified. Look at how big her eyes are.

I'm sorry. I can't go on. This...this was just too much for me. I don't believe I'll ever recover. How could they do that to me? I am so traumatized. I'll never be able to--

Wait. Was that the rustle of the treat bag?

What? What do you mean the vet said I was fat? I weigh less than ten pounds, you idiot. Gimme my damn treats!


This has not been a good day.


* Thanks to the lovely and talented NinaK for the inspiring Puppy Proctology Pic that heads up this post. Nina, you never disappoint.