Saturday, April 5, 2014

Greetings from Miss Angel

Hello, there.

The lovely and talented Miss Angel Chihuahua here.

Stewie's making pig noises while he's feeding his face in the kitchen so I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself and give you a little more background about us.

Stew and I have lived with Beard Face Man and Nice Lady for about six months now. Before that we lived with a wonderful family who fostered dogs saved from breeding mills, which is what Stewie and I were saved from. I lost track of how many litters I had. But I'll tell you this, I whelped enough of 'em to give me a whopping hernia. The rescue group had to have a vet fix me. That's "fix" as in "repair," not "fix" in the sense of "break" which they also did to my reproductive system. They "broke" Stewie too. He just refuses to acknowledge it yet.

You see, puppy mills don't typically provide very good veterinary care, if they provide it at all. That's also why Stewie had to have eight of his teeth pulled--that and the fact that the garbage they fed us wasn't conducive to good oral health. It's not a life I'd wish on any dog. Maybe if people would stop buying puppies from pet stores....

For the record, the organization that saved us is called the Sanilac Scoopers. You should remember who they are if you find yourself with some extra money and want to send it somewhere where it will do a lot of good.

Stewie made himself comfortable in our new home pretty quickly, but I'm shy and much lest trusting than he is. Still, I'm starting to think that these new people might actually be nice. They feed us good food, pet us (it took me a long time to get comfortable with that, but I look forward to it now), they give us treats and sometimes they hold us on their lap. Stewie likes that a lot. Sometimes I think it's okay, but like I say, I'm still a bit shy.

So, anyhow, this is Stewie's blog, not mine, so he's going to be the one doing most of the barking talking. I'll chime in from time to time to say, "What Stewie meant to say..." and fill you in on the real story, not that nonsense he makes up.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like us to talk about anything in particular. We'll try to help out to the best of our ability, but, please do cut us some slack. We're dogs, not rocket scientists.


  1. Miss Angel and Stewie, congratulations on your new home. I'm sure Bearded and Nice will give you a good life. I'll look in now and then to see how you are doing. I just had a doggie move in with me, too. Her name is Tiffi. She is a 65 pound black lab alloyed with a bit of pitbull. I was on a walk in the dark in an alley and we sort of fell on each other. After the fear subsided we apologize to each other and became friends. She told me she was lost and while the complete story is a lot longer than this, she decided she would rather live with me than go back home, and the lady and the child there agreed.

    Tiffi is very sweet and well behaved. She liked living with me right away. After two weeks we are doing fine. I'll pass your blog onto her so she can read what you have to say.

    Very nice to meet you and good luck to you both with your new family.

  2. Oh, wow. Our first visitor. Well, first visitor to post here anyhow. Thank you, JJ.

    Beard Face Man says to tell you his daughter also has a Black Lab Pitt Bull mix. Her name is Lola and she is as sweet as can be. Her boyfriend is a Chihuey like me, but not near as studly.


  3. Congrats on your new home, Stewie and Angel! I'll bet you'll eat well from now on. Were you two christened Angel and Stewie as puppies, or did you take on new names with your new home?

    PS -- is it true Beard Face Man and Nice Lady keep their garbage in the fridge?

  4. Thank you, Miss Cassandra.

    Our foster people gave us the names "Stewie" and "Angel." We didn't have names before that. :(

    Beard Face Man and Nice Lady thought about changing our names. Beard Face Man thought I looked like Yoda and came |-| this close to changing my name. In the end he thought I looked like Stewie from the Family Guy too, so our names stayed the same.

    And that thing about the garbage? It's true. Every word of it. Shocking, I know.


  5. Hi Stewie and Miss Angel. You are both gorgeous and I'm so glad you are with Beard Face Man and Nice Lady. They are good humans who will take good care of you - I know this because I checked their references. :)
    My kitten, Mai Ling (we named her that because she goes postal sometimes) is sitting here on my desk, reading your blog. She thinks you're both pretty cute and wants to know if you like playing Catchee mouse.

  6. Hi, Miss Gail.

    I'm pleased to hear you checked out the references of our new people, but I'm still not convinced about Beard Face Man. He seems a little shaky to me.

    Let Mai Ling know we don't actually play with anything. We never learned how. :( When you sit around in a pen all day pretty much all you do is make babies. We're starting to run around a little bit, though. Maybe someday soon we'll see that playing can be fun.

    About the mouse, though. I will say that I'd bark at it.

    Hope that's helpful.


  7. Miss Angel, if you don't mind my asking a personal question, what breed are you?

    1. I couldn't help but notice your fluffy long fur -- it's lovely!

  8. *muscles Stewie away from the keyboard*


    How nice of you to say, Miss Cassandra.

    *fluffs fur*

    I am a Chihuahua, actually. I'm what's called a long haired Chihuahua. If you look at my snout, it's pretty dog-like, not pig-like like Stewie's is. Stew is what's known as an apple head Chihuahua because, well, his head looks like an apple. And his snout looks like a pig. I don't know why they don't call them pig snout Chihuahuas.

    I seem to remember the people from the rescue group saying something about how maybe Stewie was my puppy. It seems as though those folks were breeding long hairs like me, with apple heads like Stewie, in an attempt to produce an apple head long hair. Well, Stew has longer hair than the normal apple head, and our coloring is similar, so who knows? I should probably remember if he's my pup or not, but my concentration level is not exactly--

    Wait. Did Nice Lady just drop food on the floor?

  9. Oh, Angel, you are so pretty. And Stewie, may the force be with you. hehe I am so glad to meet you! I haven't met other dogs for a long time. I just got a new home too! I just got Manboy for my person. He has two persons he commands. He calls them Mom and Dad. Besides the persons there are three cats. I tried to say hello but they just hiss and scratch so I stay away. I spend most of my time trying to train Manboy. He has funny speak. He asks me to sit so I sit. Then he says down. I tell him I did sit down but he says down down. Then he tugs on my neck rope so I look at the floor. Training a person can be really hard. I'm happy though. I get a lot of rubs and cookies and we sit together and watch the window that shows different outsides. It's interesting but it's confusing too. The outside jumps so much I never know where I am looking. And sometimes it goes dark even when the other windows are light. But the persons seem to like it. We watch it every time the other windows go dark. I went for a ride in their cart and they gave me a new doctor. And then we went to a big closet that was filled with new clothes and cookies and more persons that punch buttons on boxes. It had birds in little rooms and cats in littler rooms. I was given a new neck rope and a body strap that ties my person to me so they don't get lost. Having a person can be sort of weird, don't you think? I have an outside and an inside but they are small and there are no rabbits to chase. But my new persons don't put stings on me and I get to eat all I want so I'm happy. I hope you are both happy too. Manboy takes such long naps but he is waking up so I'm going to go try to train him some more. Bye!

  10. Stewie here.

    Well, hi, there, Tiffi Doggie. Who's a good girrrrrrrrl? You're a good girrrrrrl.

    Let me say first, you look quite attractive. Might you be a Pitt? You have wonderful coloring.

    I'm happy to meet you.

    It's nice to have a person and I'm happy you have a new one. They're very sweet, mostly, and it is handy to have them bring our food rather than for us to have to go out and forage, but they aren't very bright, are they?

    These cats you speak of. They do not amuse me. We shall speak no more of them.

    I met my new people in a room like the one you described. Our foster parents used to bring us there on Saturdays, and then one day we went home with the new people and not the old people. We miss the old people but we're really used to the new people now.

    Good luck with training your person. Hope to see you back here again some time.