Saturday, April 5, 2014

Um, hi.

My name's Stewie. I'm a Chihuey. I'm four and a half years old. That''s see, that's 13, carry the young in people years. I weigh in at a svelte four and a half pounds.

I live with Angel Chihuahua, Beard Face Man, and Nice Lady. Angel is bigger than me and about a year older. Beard and Nice are huge and ancient.

My favorite things: eating, sleeping, pooping, laps, eating, treats, laps, sleeping and food. Hard as it is to believe, I occasionally I find myself with some free time, so I figured I'd start this blog to share my exciting life with others.

I've got lots more to tell you, but it's nap time. I'll be back later.

Oh, and welcome to my blog.

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